Bathroom Tubs

elegant bathroomDifferent Tubs offer a Variety of Appeal

So, you have selected the kind of tub that you want installed, now it’s time to choose the material that your new tub will be made from. Every bath tub has its bad as well as good points and certain tubs are made from particular materials. You aren’t going to discover an air tub on the market made out of metal or cast iron.

Cast iron bathtubs are long as well as very sturdy and enduring, normally, they are covered with a porcelain coating. The tub is probably the sturdiest tubs installed in house and also could be functional for years if treated properly.

Enamel on steel bathtubs look like cast iron tubs yet are lighter in weight. They must be cared for so as to not damage and expose the underlying metal.

Acrylic bathtubs contain acrylic resin mixed with bonding and strengthening materials. They naturally have a high gloss that appears like the cast iron tub and enamel on steel tub however they are much lighter compared to either tub. Acrylic does scratch much easier but at the same time is much easier to buff and restore. They come in a range of sizes, kinds, and shapes, since these tubs are simple to form. This makes acrylic a perfect material for whirlpool and also air bathtubs.

Fiberglass gel layer bathtubs are made from fiberglass, epoxy resin and a gel coat finish that provides the color and smooth appearance that is desirable in a tub. Air bathtubs and also whirlpool bathtubs are commonly made using this method since fiberglass composites can be easily molded, are strong and light weight.

Composite bathtubs are made from materials from a variety of materials that combine to generate structural strength without the weight of cast iron. Their enamel finish however gives the look and feel of cast iron. This makes them an ideal candidate for those looking for a classic tub look without the weight, expense and hassle.

Cultured marble bathtubs make use of crushed marble and resins to create a solid surface area. They are typically covered with a clear gel layer as well. This makes for a strong, easy to maintain and beautiful surface.

Cultured marble is more fragile than acrylic and care needs to be taken during installation to prevent chipping and cracking. Once installed however, these tubs provide a striking addition to any bathroom and exude luxury and class.