Using Digital Fabrication to Make your Countertops look Fabulous

Technology is enhancing every aspect of our lives, including how our countertops are designed. Digital templating is the most recent innovation being utilized by the industry leading countertop developers. With the addition of computer-enhanced fabrication, your granite countertops are going to look excellent throughout your lifetime and beyond!

View It Before to They Install It

Conventional fabrication strategies require the use of a human operated grinders to cut the stone and piece it together. Even worse where your countertops call for seams, typical fabrication calls for a person to pick out the areas where the patterns within the stone match most very closely and after that cut the granite to minimize the visibility of the seam.

With digital fabrication, the computer system scans your piece of granite. A highly trained professional then enters your countertop measurements into the computer. Then, the computer goes to work! No guess work or opinion is involved.

When it is finished, the computer system has figured out just how best to cut the countertop from your chosen stone and how to best piece the cut portions together for maximum beauty with minimal waste.

Better still, you can view the whole thing on a computer screen before the first cut is ever made.

Digital fabrication takes the uncertainty from your countertop fabrication. No concern what how elaborate your design, the computer-aided process makes it clear what the finished project will look like before your stone is ever touched.

Better Fit and Finish

With electronic fabrication, a computer numerical control (CNC) milling machine develops the design template for your countertops then completes the fabrication using water saws and mills that leave a finer finish and more exact cuts than you could ever achieve by hand.

Additionally, the computer-guided water saw is able to make cuts that could be tough for a human with a mill. Cut-outs for sink insertion and other unusual and tricky countertop features are simple with CNC and there is less chance of breakage and minimal waste.

The cuts match so well that the seams can become essentially invisible. Sure quality, artisan craftsmanship is quaint, but with modern technology superior results are possible at a far lower price.